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OPAS-G2 The world’s most intuitive and technologically advanced Occupational Health Management software, accessible anytime, anywhere

OPAS-G2 is our latest innovation delivering on our core strategy that ‘data creates information that provides knowledge’.

Listening to feedback from our world class client base and working with IBM and other Blue Chip Industry Leaders OPAS-G2 prevails in the challenging provision of Occupational Health services. The role based solution incorporates management referral, pre-placement processes and incredibly smart procedures, ensuring you collect accurate information, resulting in better performance.

OPAS-G2 upgrades automatically so that users always work on the latest version of software. The fully-managed solution delivers real-time notifications to keep occupational health staff up to date.

  • Available on all platforms
  • The fastest to implement
  • The most secure and resilient
  • Extremely cost effective

Features & Benefits