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eOPAS The most powerful Occupational Health Management Software

Our eOPAS solution for Occupational Health will provide your business with real efficiency savings across all processes that include Management referral, Pre-placement, Health surveillance, Vaccinations/Serology, Management reports and so much more.

eOPAS is used by many leading industry clients in both the Public and Private Sectors. Accessible 24 hours a day eOPAS supports Occupational Health professionals in their daily roles:

  • Management referral
  • Pre-placement
  • Health surveillance
  • Vaccinations/Serology
  • Appointment Booking, 5 day diary view,
  • Management reports and communications

Extremely flexible and highly configurable functionality together with the ability to easily extract data for analysis and reporting;

  • Real time dashboards
  • KPI monitoring
  • Management reports and analysis
  • Clinical Administration
  • SAR/GDPR compliance support
  • Bi-directional ESR Interface

All reports are available on our portal for managers, health & safety staff to regularly monitor. Most of our data was previously held on a variety of spreadsheets, meaning data analysis was extremely time consuming and data accuracy was … not great.

Warwick International Systems provided its eOPAS system for use in the Occupational Health Unit of Humberside Police. The Force feedback was that the support and service provided by Warwick before and after go-live was excellent.

eOPAS really works. It simply delivers a return on your investment. Whether it is going paper light or producing detailed management reports. The data you put into eOPAS delivers you opportunities to work smarter, not harder!

Our customers report improved efficiencies:

REDUCED administrative and clinical overheads
IMPROVED appointment attendance, lowering DNA rates
FASTER referral triages to support earlier interventions and return to work
STREAMLINING health surveillance to improve compliance

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