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Health & Safety Solutions

Thousands of employee’s use our Health & Safety Software to achieve the cultural benefits of a healthier, safer and sustainable business.

Health and Safety should also be regarded in business as value. Value to the organisation and valued by the workforce within the organisation.

Research has demonstrated that those organisations committed to Health and Safety achieve success through the benefits that are associated with a reduction accidents, loss time injuries and property loss.

Organisations are required to have in place an effective policy and processes for monitoring health & safety risks and hazards within organisations. All employees, contractors and temporary workers need to be made aware of their individual responsibilities.

eSAFETY The most popular Health & Safety Management Software

Benefits of Warwick International Health & Safety Software - Data. Information. Knowledge.

Benefits to employees

Employees can access purpose built questionnaires where only the correct information can be entered. Removing the possibility for errors at data entry stage saving time and resources to produces more accurate reports. Data segregation allows employees to only use records that apply to them. All records are kept securely and easily retrieved for review.

Benefits to your organisation

Many organisations are utilising our Health & Safety Management Software to protect employees, reduce absences and sick leave, retain staff, promote a positive reputation, increase productivity & profits and reduce your insurance premiums and legal costs.