Warwick International welcome Legal and General to our family

Written on Oct. 23, 2018

We welcome Legal and General to our family. The team at Legal and General, have been impressed by the quick and simple installation of eOPAS our occupational health software solution.

Legal and General have a programme, committed to working towards healthy and happy employees. It’s good for you, good for your business and good for your employees!

eOPAS offers a range of processes, to help keep employees healthy including:

  • Management referral
  • Pre-employment
  • Health surveillance
  • Vaccinations/serology

One of the requirements for this project, has been a unique rehabilitation process, enable through the highly flexible, configurable ability of the solution.

Our train the trainer approach is fun, and here’s the photo of Kimberley Davis (Rehabilitation Admin) and John Drabble (Rehabilitation Clinical Governance Specialist) and they are joined in the middle by Charlotte Bray (Head of Rehabilitation).

eOPAS. Data. Information. Knowledge.