3 Reasons our Customers choose Warwick International

Written on Aug. 6, 2018

3 Reasons our Customers choose Warwick International

1) They want a solution that works for their individual business needs.
To work with experts in Occupational Health and Health & Safety Software.
See continual improvement in their business processes and a return on their investment.

2) Reporting on their data, advancing with their knowledge.
We have kept this simple!
If the data is captured, you can report on it.
Some reports include tracking departments KPI’s, reviewing service delivery, productivity, absenteeism, identify trends, reviewing incident reports, risk assessments, audits and identifying trends.

3) It's fundamental that we worry about the security of your data
We work hard to achieve our accreditations including the world-leading ISO 27001. Government backed and industry supported Cyber Essentials Plus. GDPR - eSAFETY has many features which will assist you to comply with the
GDPR legislation.

We listen. We communicate. We support.

Contact us direct on 01332 781882 and our team will demonstrate how we are offering today’s solutions with
tomorrow in mind.