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About Us

Our software that supports organisations with their responsibility to keep employee safety and wellbeing on top of the business agenda. Our software delivers these critical services effectively and as efficiently as they can.

The power behind Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing

We are an innovative company focused on providing the most comprehensive and flexible Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing solutions.

Welcome to Warwick International our software supports organisations across the whole industry spectrum in achieving their business and financial targets.

The original Warwick International Software ‘OPAS’ was developed in the early 1990’s by our founder Mike Barton. Many Businesses back in the 1990’s, and some still to this day are feeling the pain of inefficient paper based management systems, as well as inflexible and expensive technology solutions. Therefore our purpose is to help, if you are experiencing challenges with employee health or safety in the workplace whatever your business sector or size then you need a software solution that will deliver.

We are experienced

For three decades, we have actively promoted and supported a healthier workforce through our innovative solutions.

We push the boundaries

We don’t stand still, we challenge the status quo in order to improve and grow.

We deliver on our promises

We will continue to be known as the company that is trusted in our marketplace.

“I have always insisted that we conduct our business openly and honestly. This requires all our staff to work with integrity and to hold our customers best interests at the very centre of everything we do.

We work in a consultative way, which will often challenge what you initially request. So much so, that our approach always means we tell you what you need to know. Which may not necessarily be what you want to hear.

We do what we say we can do. We will also tell you what we can’t do. Our aims are to provide the most appropriate solutions to the problems presented and to deliver them within a structured and effective process and to continually support you so long as you are a Warwick International customer.”

Mike Barton
Founder of Warwick International Computing Systems