About Us

As the UK’s leading supplier of Occupational Health & Health & Safety Software, we exist to help you achieve your goals.

Our solutions are flexible and highly configurable. We develop them that way to ensure they fit your requirements.

In the past 18 months alone, 7 NHS Trusts agreed and they selected our eOPAS system to help administer and run their Occupational Health departments.

When it comes to ‘healthy profits and healthy employees’, 5 of the top 10 Occupational Health Service Providers chose Warwick. Top household names across every major industry and public service operation choose Warwick too.

But that’s not enough! It has to be easy...


Being ‘easy’ to do business with has been my philosophy for the last 25 years. It will not change. It works. It works because you, our customers, tell me it works.

Mike Barton

Founder of Warwick International Computing Systems

Our eOPAS solution for Occupational Health includes clinical event and case management, diary management, recall service, advanced reporting, web portal interface and access – it has it all - as you would expect.

Our eSAFETY solution for Health & Safety operations includes accident and incident reporting, risk assessments, audits and inspections, advanced reporting and web portal – again, as you would expect!

Partnering with the right people who understand your challenges can help. With 25 years of experience in this field we ‘do’ understand.

Doing business with Warwick is designed to be ‘easy’. We can host your solution or you can run it. The choice is yours. We have 10 times the staff in development and support than we have in sales.

Today’s growth in ‘care costs’ must be balanced with future and relentless cuts in budget.

We don’t sell, we listen.

We contact our customer base personally every 12 weeks. Not ‘selling’ but asking ‘can we help you’.

It’s about getting every benefit from the system you can possibly get, managing your department, driving your business and your results to ensure you succeed.

Over 140 customers attend our user group meetings every year. We listen and we develop enhancements keeping up to speed with your needs. We focus on the right thing - being flexible, straight forward and being ‘easy’ to do business with.

It’s that simple.

Call our office for a demo today and we will handle the process for you. It’s easy, of course, with no obligation.

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