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Positive steps to supporting better Mental Health

At Warwick International we are dedicated to ensuring employees are fit, healthy and have a high level of wellbeing, including employees mental health. Recently all of our Managers attended a Mental Health Awareness Course in order to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge to support our employee’s.

The objectives of the course were to help Managers recognise the main signs and symptoms of potential or actual mental health, how this can affect an employee and how we can help them.

Key Learnings:

  • How common it is (1 in 4).
  • The various degrees of mental ill health.
  • The pure volume of support and treatment available to people in need.
  • People need help the same as they would if they had a physical injury.

Gemma Button, one of our Managers who attended the course said…

“Understanding mental health is very important to Warwick IC and the more it is discussed the more likely the ‘Stigma’ will disappear. At Warwick, we want to understand our people in order to give them the support they need. Our Managers have attended this training course which has provided them with the skills, knowledge and understanding to recognise early signs of potential mental health issues and offer them the appropriate support.”

A healthy, happy, workplace is a productive workplace ?