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A great place to live, work and for care & support

South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust is halfway into its 4-year commitment (2017-2021) to deliver a sustainable and affordable model of Health and Social Care. This is challenging given the rapid rise in demand that many Health Services is experiencing. At the center of the Trusts objectives are the need to move beyond simply managing illness and instead to ensure it supports you to stay well (physically, mentally and emotionally). The Trusts plan is about promoting better outcomes for the public, so the quality of life is better.

James from our Client Relationship Team visited Karen Walker, Joan Sweeney and Heather Burgess from Lagan valley hospital in Belfast last week and said ‘It is really exciting to see all the early phases of re-development, new buildings are being built to provide extra support to the local community, you can see that the Trust is committed to change’.

The Occupational Health Team that James visited have recently upgraded to eOPAS the most Powerful Occupational Health Software. eOPAS has many features and benefits that will support the team in their daily roles and therefore help fulfill the Trust objectives and 4 year plan. They are also excited about the launch of their new portal that will allow Management Referrals to be completed more efficiently and made available online.

We aim to visit all our customers each year to provide help and support and this year we are all celebrating our long-standing partnerships. So before James’s visit was over he presented the Occupational Health Team with one of our plaques, celebrating over 20 years of partnership.

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