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Shropshire Community NHS Foundation Trust are on a mission!

To be the best local provider of high quality, innovative health services, working closely with partners so people receive well-coordinated, effective care.

One specific goal of the Occupational Health Team is to reduce the number of people who fail to attend their booked appointments. As this reduces their efficiency in the community and the number of people who they are able provide health care too. James from our Client Relationship Team discovered this during a visit earlier this week.

James listened to the whole team to gain an understanding of their queries and then suggested a few quick and easy tips within eOPAS Occupational Health Management Software. They soon understood how the sophisticated functionality and reporting within eOPAS automates a whole host of daily tasks they will benefit from straight away including:

  • Sending certificates for Pre-Placements
  • Extracting data so they can start reporting on their progress and KPI’s
  • Automating excel reporting
  • Text messaging from eOPAS and automating appointment reminders via email will help reduce DNA rates

Our dedicated Client Relationship Team visit all our customers to make sure that they get the most out of their investment. Every customer benefits from the training and support services we offer.

James was visiting not only to share knowledge but to also give the team one of our awards celebrating partnerships. In the picture there is Adele Mottershead, Clare Ellis, Jayne Grimes and Clare Guerreiro from Shropshire Community NHS Foundation Trust who have been our partners for over 23 years.

Clare Guerreiro said…

“All your team are fab, but I particularly wanted to let you know how supportive James Wright has been. He has been brilliant. I thought in a world where people are quick to complain, it would be nice to email a compliment instead.”

Warwick International are on a mission to support our customers so they get the most out of their investment and celebrate our long-standing partnerships.

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