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Using our software since go live, 26 years ago!

On Monday 14th January, James from our Clients Relationship Team visited Alison Smith, Occupational Health Manager at Staffordshire County Council. One of the reasons for the visit was to present the Occupational Health team with one of our awards celebrating over 25 years of partnership.

Alison said ‘We have been using your Occupational Health Management Software since go live, and that was 26 years ago!”

Occupational Health at Staffordshire County Council is an important branch of preventative medicine that benefits both employers and staff. Their Occupational Health service is an Occupational Nurse-led service with access to a Consultant Occupational Health Physician. They are specialists in workplace health and medicine and are familiar with schools and academies.

They aim to help you reduce general management time spent dealing with sickness absence issues and assist your employees to return-to-work faster than if things were left to run their course.

Warwick International is proud to be a long-standing partner with Staffordshire County Council who are committed to offering a unique range of health, safety and wellbeing services.