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Celebrating 20 years of partnership

Warwick International thank Toyota for over 20 years of partnership

It was a great honour for Warwick International to visit Julie Davies at Toyota Burnaston today, to present her with an award. The award is to celebrate over 20 years of partnership, using our Occupational Health Management Software.

The first car rolled off the production line at Toyota Burnaston December 1992 and they have been looking after the health of their employees using our Occupational Health Management Software since 1995.

Julie said…

“You can’t build cars without people and Toyota regard long-standing relationships highly. The average service of an employee is 25 years, people are our most valuable asset.”

She went on to say…

“The best thing about working with Warwick International is the people if we have any queries, there is always somebody there to help. Warwick’s approach to continuous improvement and constantly introducing innovation into their products and services means they are naturally the choice for Occupational Health Management software.”