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User Group Meeting (UGM) November 2018

We consider our annual UGM Conference to be an important opportunity to meet our clients. During the user group, we showcase some of the upcoming features in our software that are on the horizon and gather some important feedback from our user base.

We use this feedback to learn what we are doing well and where we can make our customer’s experience of using our software even better. This can include giving advice on how to utilise the system better, or taking away what new features customers would like to see in the future to drive their productivity to the next level.

‘I really enjoy attending the UGM because it gives me the opportunity to catch up with the customers I support and see how eOPAS truly helps our clients.’ James Wright Client Relationship Advisor.

We had two presentations from customers. The first was from Jean Piernicki from the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Jean’s personal journey in both choosing and using Occupational Health Software has been a mammoth learning experience spanning over 20 years. She has the knowledge of using Cohort and discussed how it did not perform, so her team moved back to eOPAS explaining the functionality of eOPAS outperformed Cohort on every level.

“My nurses are really passionate about eOPAS, they think it’s the best thing since sliced bread!”

Jean started by asking the question, ‘Is your system running you, or are you running your system’? She discussed the importance of OH teams understanding their system and why they are entering data. Jean believes it is your obligation to enter your own information and understand the impact it has on the business. Jean also talked about the importance of managing the quality of the data that users enter into the system, as this affects the accuracy of the reporting. They regularly audit missing data to improve the output of their reporting.

The second presentation was from Amanda Crisp from East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust. Amanda reviewed how the portal has influenced her team and the wider business. Since using the portal for Management Referrals and Pre-Screening questionnaires she has seen business development opportunities, improved KPI’s, processes and an increase in efficiency through time-saving. I think Amanda’s quote sums up what she thinks.

‘Anything you can think of process-wise, you can put through the portal. Do it, it will save you time!’

Howard Watson’s presentation on GDPR was well received and informative. eOPAS has several features to help you become and remain GDPR compliant. From talking to our clients we found that they are still reviewing how to satisfy the legislation and we look forward to helping them along with their journey to ensure that data held in eOPAS meet their GDPR requirements. Delegates also took the opportunity to network and chat to staff throughout the day.

‘I find all of the staff I deal with at Warwick International to be helpful and knowledgeable. In particular, I have found Steve from the Client Relationship Team to be responsive and innovative in recommending solutions to queries. I also find the Support Team (particularly Chris and Jamie) to be knowledgeable, friendly, methodical in their explanations and eternally patient with the (many!) questions I ask them.’ Kate Smith Service Development and Support Manager. Avon Partnership NHS Occupational Health Service.

The feedback from more than 150 attendees will help provide the foundations for our focus in 2019 and beyond.