• Meeting today’s requirements, whilst
    having tomorrows in mind

    Fully web enabled Occupational Health and Safety Management solutions delivering unrivalled levels of flexibility and accessibility for those involved in the management and promotion of safe working practices

  • Occupational Health Software that Improves Services and Reduces Costs

    A solution that delivers efficiency savings because it can increase
    the speed of your processes and workflows, deliver a marked reduction in time-consuming administration and provide full surveillance on
    the health levels of employees.

  • Health & Safety Software that
    Reduces Risks and Costs

    A solution that can ultimately save lives because it provides complete surveillance through robust reporting channels to reduce the risks
    of workplace accidents or injuries.

  • iWILL – lifestyle information website

    iWILL has everything you need to provide all your employees with the holistic lifestyle guidance  they need to fully understand health risk, reduce the risk of absenteeism and presenteeism whilst increasing morale and productivity.

Solutions for Today but with Tomorrow in Mind

Warwick International Computing Systems provides the most comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety management software available.

We are experts in this area and continually develop software that has been emulated by many, rivalled by few, but equalled by none.

Organisations have chosen either our web-based or integrated management systems because they have been delivered as standard “off the shelf” solutions or completely configured to their current and evolving needs.

We are proud to have worked with national health care institutions and internationally recognised brands. We support both large and small organisations in achieving their goals.

In essence ‘we will make your workforce more effective’.

We have a system that is completely bespoke to us and that has developed over many years according to our needs and as our requirements have changed and developed.

Any system is only as good as the information contained within it and we have absolute confidence that OPAS allows us to manage our daily activity and accumulate data exactly the way we want it so we can get full, detailed and accurate information whenever we need it, including providing and storing evidence of the statutory component of our function.

Being a small team, we have to rely on OPAS for a number of our functions when providing an Occupational Health service for over 10,000 people, and OPAS allows us to do just that.

For a demonstration of our software call the sales team on 01332 781 882 or Request a callback